We’re family farmers, and we’ve been exclusively growing and marketing certified organic produce since 1998. Founded on our pledge of stewardship to properly care for the land, we believe in returning what the soil abundantly provides. This requires an uncompromising commitment to safe food and a quality expectation that’s second-to-none. And it means we only offer to you what we trust to our own families.

Pearson Realty is California’s largest Ag real estate brokerage. Built on a tradition of trust, we’ve been in business since 1919. Our farm specialists list and sell an astounding diversity of Ag properties. The list includes range land, dairies, horse ranches, row crops, nut crops, citrus, olives, vineyards, treefruit, and related cold storage, packing, and processing facilities.

At California Gourmet Company quality is our time honored tradition. 1987 we have been creating and shipping the finest California fresh fruit, dried fruits, nuts, gourmet confections to thousands of homes across the the United States. Direct from the growers of California’s we bring the finest from nature’s bounty. Fresh flawless fruit ripened to perfection in the warm California sun. Each individual piece of fresh fruit, gourmet confection or gourmet food item is hand selected and hand packed for an elegant gift presentation.

Water is one of the planet’s scarce natural resources. In future, this situation will get worse if we are not more productive and responsible with this vital element.

WiseConn is aware of the reality of declining resources and we are developing a technology to measure and control water and other fluids in such diverse areas such as agriculture, mining, and hydrology. The WiseConn platform consists of a wireless hardware installed in the field in software that is accessible through the internet, allowing users to view their process and make informed decisions.


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